The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself. – Maya Angelou

Who am I?
I don’t know where to start, really.

For starters, I am the youngest of two daughters. I pretty much lived my life being bossed around (lol!). I enjoy spending time with my family and we love to eat. I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I extremely proud of my inner circle, I know that they have my back and I have theirs. I am blessed with people who are positive and are not afraid to have fun, we never have a dull day.

I love road trips! I enjoy driving around and seeing new places. I enjoy seeing trees and fields as I pass by. I love the smell of the beach and its calm waves. I can still hear the calm waves of Panglao and I can’t wait to go back with a book and mango shake. I always imagine myself swinging in a cool hammock with a good book. I enjoy reading books, especially if I stumble on a good one. I like to look of books side by side (by height).

I love rooms that are extremely cold. If I can keep room temp to 10 degrees Celsius, I would. I love the feeling of warm sheets. If I can live in hotel, i would! However, that is too expensive so I guess, i’ll just save that for special occasions.

I am still a work in progress. I believe that life will always be an on-going construction site, changes will always happen. It is all about what we do during these changes that define us. I am continuously learning, learning my way through life. I get cheesy sometimes and my writing is sometimes influenced by love and all that is dramatic. lol!

You’ve been warned.