I am Mia Bodestyne, I just turned 30 recently (ack!) and I think I am getting a hang of it. Life will not be easy but I know that with the help of the Big Guy upstairs and the support of family and friends, I’ll make it through anything and everything. Dang! I will.

Chronicles of a Chubby Chick is a compilation of my thoughts and feelings. It is my book, my life and you’re welcome to read them. I believe in the freedom of expressions but most of all I believe in the value of respect. We are all able and capable to share our thoughts and ideas and we are also able and capable respect someone’s point-of-view even if it differs from our own.

Respect, that is all I ask from every single person who reads my posts. Also, I hope that in one way or another, someone will read my post and see that there is always sunshine after every rain.

Cheers to you!